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Maximum Real Wage

I’ve been throwing around ideas with DA about the debate surrounding the “carried interest loophole” whereby the income from the activity of private equity/VC management is structured in such a way to get capital gains treatment in the tax code.

This topic is of great interest to DA as he is seeing, potentially, the door close on this treatment right in front of him before he can “get his” with his newly launched inaugural fund.

Our conversations generally fluctuated around: “PE guys (and their lawyers) can structure around anything” to me bemoaning the state of complexity in the society when the government can’t even change taxation on an established industry without it devolving into a hundred shell companies, and atomizing into lawyerly language parsing and debates on “it depending on what the definition of ‘is’ is”

Today I came across a video…

DST and Y Combinator: A (VC) Industry in Transition

This week’s debate over AngelList(background: link, link), and how VC deals are sourced and evaluated, is just further emphasis that the Venture Capital Industry is in transition. The fundamental forces driving this transition have been playing…


A few more details have trickled out about the Hurd transgressions that have shaken loose some odd revisions in analysis that, well maybe these were “fire-able offenses.”

Some of the details that have muddied the waters:

WSJ: Hurd Deal Inflamed…

Marc Andreessen as Interim CEO of HP

Perhaps I am getting too out front on this issue, but the pieces are really starting to fall together for the decision to put in Marc Andreessen as the Interim CEO of HP ((A note to future readers: as…

QC: RIM versus UAE

I’ll admit to being surprised by the amount of coverage this is getting but even so I’ll make a quick comment on the RIM versus UAE kerfuffle because there is a bit of misunderstanding out there, even from the security experts:

HFT Bot-versus-Bot

Zero Hedge has a great post on High Frequency Trading (HFT):

“It’s Not A Market, It’s An HFT ‘Crop Circle’ Crime Scene”

In this article Tyler Durden presents pretty compelling visual evidence of “quote stuffing” by HFT trading bots. …

And the Finns?

Thanks for all of the positive response to my exhausting survey of the strategic landscape of the wirless industry:

Welcome to Freaking Helsinki, RIM

I seem to have become a bit of a clearing house for abused SF’ers that walk through the…

Welcome to Freaking Helsinki, RIM

As a stalwart member of the last pocket of Blackberry “dead-enders,” I was stunned last month when I actually found myself considering buying a Google Android device.

It was a shocking moment that laid bare how crushed RIM (the maker…

Dispatches from DeepAnalysis(DA)

Got a good dispatch from DeepAnalysis(DA) today sparked, perhaps, by some of the recent conversations around the stay lean / quality growth topic.

From DeepAnalysis(DA):

The Greater Grower Theory – Entrepreneurs ignore profits and spend for growth in the hopes that…

The Last of the Mohicans

I saw an interesting TV advert while on the stairmill in the gym this beautiful Friday morn.  It was a promo for Tom Cruise’s “Knight and Day” touting the positive reviews for the film opening this weekend.  Usually you…