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And the Finns?

Thanks for all of the positive response to my exhausting survey of the strategic landscape of the wirless industry: Welcome to Freaking Helsinki, RIM I seem to have become a bit of a clearing house for abused SF’ers that walk through the saturated Blackberry adverts at the Powell Bart station.  A contribution from a reader: Abercrombie, Fitch [...]

Welcome to Freaking Helsinki, RIM

As a stalwart member of the last pocket of Blackberry “dead-enders,” I was stunned last month when I actually found myself considering buying a Google Android device. It was a shocking moment that laid bare how crushed RIM (the maker of the Blackberry) has been by the forces at work. It also took me to [...]

A Pernicious Lack of Perspective

Over the last few years, I’ve managed to peek through my fingers, with some trepidation, to look at the postings of the enfant terribles of our tech-startup-blogosphere, those of Jason Fried, DHH and the [link] cohort. And I’ve been able to get by with a silent shaking of a head and maybe the occasional [...]

My Shot At Explaining Bayes’ Theorem

As we all know Bayes’ Theorem is hot. And there are lots of good resources out there for Bayes’ Theorem.11.An Intuitive Explanation of Bayesian Reasoning is ©2003 by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky. [link] Mine is a sort of mnemonic by way of explanation.  Bayes’ they say, is “deeply intuitive” and yet, it seemed, that I usually found myself [...]

Apple WWDC 2010

We have a Kind and Generous God!11.Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote Address [video] He has given His Work to His people once again and ye it is great and wondrous. And He has forgiven us our transgressions of viewing His Work22.iPhone 4 early on gizmodo! (what a graceful absolution He gave us with that joking aside!) [...]