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Maximum Real Wage

I’ve been throwing around ideas with DA about the debate surrounding the “carried interest loophole” whereby the income from the activity of private equity/VC management is structured in such a way to get capital gains treatment in the tax code. This topic is of great interest to DA as he is seeing, potentially, the door [...]


A few more details have trickled out about the Hurd transgressions that have shaken loose some odd revisions in analysis that, well maybe these were “fire-able offenses.” Some of the details that have muddied the waters: WSJ: Hurd Deal Inflamed Board Oh, the BOD was miffed? Which led SiliconBeat to believe that maybe there was [...]

Marc Andreessen as Interim CEO of HP

Perhaps I am getting too out front on this issue, but the pieces are really starting to fall together for the decision to put in Marc Andreessen as the Interim CEO of HP11.A note to future readers: as of this date Sunday, 8/15/10 no announcement had been made ;) . It is now clear that [...]