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Maximum Real Wage

I’ve been throwing around ideas with DA about the debate surrounding the “carried interest loophole” whereby the income from the activity of private equity/VC management is structured in such a way to get capital gains treatment in the tax code. This topic is of great interest to DA as he is seeing, potentially, the door [...]

Dispatches from DeepAnalysis(DA)

Got a good dispatch from DeepAnalysis(DA) today sparked, perhaps, by some of the recent conversations around the stay lean / quality growth topic. From DeepAnalysis(DA): The Greater Grower Theory – Entrepreneurs ignore profits and spend for growth in the hopes that they may one day sell to an acquirer that will ignore profits and spend [...]

Feds Open Criminal Probe of Goldman Sachs

Investment Firm “Not Surprised” as Justice Launches Investigation on Heels of SEC Civil Fraud Suit11., 4/30/10 [link] “Not Surprised?!?” (ok, maybe taken a little out of context) As a long time admirer of the firm and its people, I’ve got to say that I am sad to see it come to this. Sad, but [...]