Apple WWDC 2010

by Scott

We have a Kind and Generous God!11.Apple WWDC 2010 Keynote Address [video]

He has given His Work to His people once again and ye it is great and wondrous. And He has forgiven us our transgressions of viewing His Work22.iPhone 4 early on gizmodo! (what a graceful absolution He gave us with that joking aside!)

And a Fearless God. That second trademark slap against Cisco?!? First iphone and now ios!? IOS has been in use for nearly 20-yrs33.The History of the Cisco CLI [link]!? It’s broadly considered Cisco’s core intellectual property. Maybe Cisco could change the name of their product to Plumbing-OS? POS? They might as well have for all its relation to His Work.

It’s getting more and more senseless not to have an iphone. I think at this point in “the Revolution” if you don’t have an iphone, you must be some sort of “iphone resister,” or as the Red’s used to call ‘em44.Accusatory Practices: Denunciation in Modern European History, 1789-1989 [link] “a counter-revolutionary, a wormer, a double-dealer, left-deviationist and wrecker”

On a serious note, I think Steve Jobs is physically transforming into Gandhi.